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Nov 13, 2013

Stewardship Moment:

 What are you thankful for? The beauty of fall season, as the leaves begin to
change into a rainbow of color? The holiday season, when family and friends join
together. The hope for the new year, and what it will bring? What are you thankful for?
Are you thankful for toilet paper, drinking water, cream, and sugar? Are you thankful
for clean floors, bulletins, and coffee during fellowship. These items are available
through your generous giving. Our ministry would be greatly effected if we couldn’t
offer “radical hospitality” to those new to our congregation. Radical hospitality invites
others to feel at home in our facility. Radical hospitality is dependent upon our ability to
meet and greet those joining us for the first time, and having a place that celebrates
God’s love in our lives too as the Body of of Christ.

 What are we thankful for? Our relationship with God and God’s abundant ways
that we are reminded how much we are loved? What are we thankful for? How about
a facility that is welcoming, that has the necessary tools to be in ministry and mission
with others. The simple things that we provide so that others might encounter Jesus the
Christ in there lives is an investment that we can all agree is well worth giving to.

 November 17th we will celebrate the generosity of our congregation, We will
celebrate God’s generosity too.. Our Stewardship Sunday is a testimony to our faith in
God, and our gratitude for the gift of life, love, and grace that we have because of our
faith in Jesus Christ. It is also a time to recognize the Spirit’s transforming power within
the life of our congregation.

 Every member is asked to turn in a pledge card. Every regular attender should
prayerfully consider it. We have much to be grateful for, and many needs that must be
met. Thank you in advance for your generous testimony through your gift of giving
some of what God has blessed you with.


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