"Being the hands, feet and voice of Christ in downtown Toledo."

Giving Thanks for God's blessings

Nov 15, 2013

Stewardship Moment:

 What do; music, children, books, adults, and grass all have in common? You! And why
you are here on Sundays.

 There’s a commercial for American Express and the slogan is, “Membership has its
privileges.” Do you believe your life is better because of your faith in Jesus Christ? Do you
believe that this community of faith is special, and you’re grateful for its presence? Do you
vision others coming into their own relationship with Jesus, here in this place, and this prospect excites you?

 Membership has its privileges! Membership in the local church is about what we
spiritual are given through our generous giving. We know through faith that when we give, we are also given a greater glimpse into God’s kingdom. We are using our resources for others to learn, and grow in their relationship with God too. It’s a different kind of investment, and the pay offs? Often times we don’t even see the pay offs. We plant seeds in another person’s life, and pray that they grasp how much God loves them, and want them to know his love in their lives.

 Your pledge, sustains our music program, in which many experience God’s presence
through music. Your pledge gifts our children with curriculum to grow in their faith. Your pledge helps to pay for the “Upper Rooms” that are used in our community study, and are taken to those in work release where two of our members serve in this special ministry. Your pledge offers a welcoming place for other adults, and families to join us. It allows one of our members to simply mow the grass, and communicates that we care about our facility on the inside, and out. Pledging has its privileges because we have the opportunity to quietly share ourselves in a unique way, and in doing so, testify to our faith, and gratitude for all that God has blessed us with. Members, on Nov 17th, please bring your pledge card to worship, and recommit yourself to God’s ministry, here in this place. Thank you.

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