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Farewell Friends

Mar 05, 2014

             Goodbyes are not forever.

             Goodbyes are not the end.

             They simply mean I’ll miss you

             Until we meet again.

             Saying goodbye is never easy in a family, and this is very true for us as we bid farewell to Marge and Frank McQueary.  Many members have come and gone, many have passed, but Marge and Frank have remained a constant and their presence will be greatly missed.  Marge was a baby when she first began to attend St. Paul’s, Frank was welcomed after they were married.  They have both served our congregation in multiple ways.  They have shared their faith with us, raised their family with us, and have celebrate lots of birthdays and anniversaries with us.   We have celebrate the births of grand- children and great-grand-children too.  We have prayed together when there have been needs.

God has blessed us with this couple.  Marge’s family was active, loyal members,  and she has been invaluable helping us maintain, and preserve the history of our church family.  Frank and his wisdom has been utilized in multiple ways.  Both of them have sat in administrative positions within the church.  For over 20 years, Marge served as our treasurer, and Frank has been on Trustees, served as Sunday Superintendent, and other leadership positions, and both served on the Church’s Council.  They both attended Sunday School, Saturday Nighters, and Marge was a consistent presence on our Foundation Board, and UMW.   The list of their ministry life is too extensive to list in this article!

Personally, I have delighted getting to know this couple during the short time that I have served at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.  I have learned about their family history, Frank’s love of the land and working with his hands, and the deep sensitivity and love that Marge has for those closest to her.    They have traveled the world, and yet continued to make Toledo their home long after their own children moved.  I have had wonderful conversations with Frank about his military experience, wood working , and his love of rocks and gems.  Marge has shared their travels, her memories of her family and has celebrated with me their accomplishments too.  I have toured their home, and have seen Frank’s incredible craftsmanship.  I have even seen the infamous computer that has challenged Marge at times!

Many of those within our church family have known Frank and Marge not only as members of our congregation, but also as friends.  We are all saddened by their leaving, but we celebrate the new home they will be sharing.  We celebrate that they will be closer to their children, and grandchildren.  But what we celebrate most is their faith in God, and the strength they find from their faith to live into this new phase within their lives. 

Let us not say good-bye to this special couple, because their presence will always be a part of our church family.  Instead, let us hold them close in our hearts, lift them in prayer, thank God for their presence and ministry with us, and continue to honor the multiple ways they have been committed faithful servants of our Lord.  We have truly been blessed to have as members of our church family.

Until we meet again, God bless you both.  Your family at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.


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