"Being the hands, feet and voice of Christ in downtown Toledo."
St. Paul's United Methodist Church located at Madison Ave. and 12th Street in downtown, Toledo.
Our Urban Mission Project builds character and relationships in our community.
Our missions are what makes our hands, feet and voices, Christ's hands, feet and voice
Why I love my St. Paul's family
Clock Icon Worship: Sunday mornings at 10:00am
Sunday School: 11:00am

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Come to St. Paul's United Methodist Church during the Thursday Art Walk this Thursday, June 26th. We are located at 1201 Madison Avenue in UpTown Toledo. The Arts Commission has provided a map of participants, which can be acquired at St. Paul's or any of the local venues included in the Art Walk. St. Paul's is #8 on the map and will display works from the Thomas Wernert Center, wood art from Vietnam and items from SERVV, a free-trade non-profit. We will also provide live music and light refreshments.

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