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In Times Like These

Mar 23, 2020

Letter to the Congreation


March 22, 2020

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

Hymns, over the past few days have you caught yourself humming your favorite?   We need those familiar songs right now.  They offer us comfort, they unite us in our journey, and we are reminded truly of God’s unending presence and love.  I share this thought because over then next few weeks, we need reminders that we share a common song.  We need to sing, and give thanks to God in times when we feel most vulnerable.  We are all adjusting to a new way of experiencing life, and it is extraordinarily important that we not loose the connection that we share through our faith and with one another.

Unfortunately, our Bishop has requested that we continue to remain in our homes worshipping in creative ways.  We have been told that our churches are remain closed through Easter.  Therefore, we will design a special time for Easter worship. 

For now, we will use our technological assets to help us with providing worship and communication.  I posted a reflection and time of prayer on Sunday, March 22 on our congregations Facebook page.  I will continue to record worship and post it on our Facebook pages.  Below you will find a link if you would like to utilize worship this way.  I will also e-mail a link that you can use to see the same message on YouTube also.  If we don’t have your e-mail address and you would like to receive a weekly link for worship, please e-mail the church.  Please email with your prayer concerns and joys.  They will be posted on the webpage and through a weekly e-mail. 

Neil Powell, our pianist, and I will be preparing times of music as part of our worship too. These will be included in our time of worship.  We would like to hear from you.  E-mail us your favorite hymn and we will do our best to share your requests as part of our worship.

Our office will be closing because of the Governor DeWine’s “Stay at Home” policy until further notice.    A small group of us will continue to serve our community through our food pantry.  We believe this is an essential service, and testimony to our congregation’s heart by sharing God’s grace and love to those who are the most vulnerable in our present situation.  I am available during this time, and plan to be at the church throughout the coming weeks.  Please call or text me if you are in need. 

Please consider calling your church family, send cards, reach out to those who are alone during this time, and share Christ’s love with them too.   Remember, to sing, hum, whistle.  In times of stress, anxiety and fear, music can be a remarkable tool in times like these, so let’s sing a little more to ourselves, and our God! 

In Christ’s love and service,

Pastor Mary

Church e-mail:  spchurch@buckeye-express.com

Facebook page for the church:  St. Paul’s United Methodist Church

For cell phone, please call church office.  419-243-8284

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